Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's been a while...

Holy cow it has been a long stinkin' time since I have blogged. There are so many things that have occurred since the last time I blogged. Honestly, I have been so crazy busy that I haven't even thought about blogging. Life is pretty crazy but it is our crazy and we love it. Here are some things that have happened since July in no particular order...

- I started teaching at a new school and it has been so crazy! I am teaching first grade and let me tell you I love those kiddos SO MUCH! They make me laugh every day and I love getting hugs and I love you's from each of them on a daily basis. I also met Cari which has been such a blessing. She is on the first grade team and we instantly clicked. I feel like I have known her forever and we have tons in common.
- We had a house warming party thrown by our sweet friend Alisa.
- We did our 2nd annual poker tournament charity event for Alisa. We raised quite a bit more than last year so it was awesome. We love Alisa so much and are so grateful that she is part of our lives.
- We have done so many fun things with friends. Too many to list them one by one here but we loved them all.
- We went to St. George with my family for Thanksgiving. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed being with my family. This is the 2nd year my family has gone down there for the holiday but it was the first year I got to go. I must say I really enjoyed it. Michael really enjoyed getting to play golf the day after.
- My step dad, Lane, passed away. It was a lot harder on me than most people think. We always had a connection that I couldn't explain. I have so many qualities and characteristics that he had which makes no sense because we aren't biologically related but I always liked that we shared those things. When he passed my mom was in New Zealand and let me tell you, calling your mom and telling her that her spouse has gone on to a better place is probably the worst feeling in the world. I still miss him every day and I miss him calling me "M". He never once in my entire life called me Morgan, just M. I loved it. His birthday is on the superbowl this year. I am sure he is happy about that because he loved football. We are having a party to celebrate it.
- Zane came home and we are loving it! He comes over to our house on a regular basis to hang out with us and we seriously love it! I told him he should just move in since he is always with us anyway. It hasn't happend yet but we shall see what the future brings.
- We had a pipe crack in our basement which caused a lovely leak which resulted in a good chunk of the ceiling and wall being torn up along with the carpet. This is still a work in progress. Hopefully it will be done in about a week.
- We went on a Mexican Riviera cruise with my family. Such an amazing way to spend 2 weeks of December. I would much rather be in a warm sunny place playing hard than freezing to death here. Michael turned a blind eye to his fear of heights and did the zipline with us through the jungle. That ended up being his favorite part of the trip. We also rented jetski's, went snorkeling (ha you should have seen the men working there getting grandma on and off the boat!), enjoyed lots of fun things that the ship had to offer, and ate lots and lots and lots of food. Roughly 50 ice cream cones ended up in my belly. I loved having Michael spend time with my family because we do SO much with his family and not a lot with mine so it was good for  him to get to bond with them better. Sterling and him mainly bonded by making fun of me, but that's okay.
- Millie had her first birthday. Yes, we celebrated it. I think every living thing in our home deserves to be celebrated on their special day. Don't judge.
- We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Michael's family.
- Michael made the top salesman at work. So proud of him!

Lots more happend but those are the big ones! And sorry no pictures because my computer is being special at the moment so I posted this from my work computer and I don't have any of our pictures on it. But that's okay because I am pretty sure that 1 person reads this and it is my mom so she has seen my pictures anyway!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Family Reuion and Family Pictures

Last weekend we went to my mom's side (the Rainey's) family reunion up in Challis Idaho. We had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone, shooting clay pigeons, fishing, river rafting, and eating way too much. I always have so much fun with that side of my family and it was fun to have Michael get to know them better. As per usual I didn’t take a camera so until I get pictures from my aunt Erma, I have no evidence of the fun that we had.

When we got home, my amazing sister in law also took some way cute family pictures of us. Yes, I just might be one of those crazy people who treat their dog like a child, but I love our little Millie and she is technically a member of our family and the only other living thing in our house besides Michael and me. So therefore we are quite fond of her and she is just slightly spoiled. But here are some of our pictures. I really love them J Thanks again Mal!   

Monday, July 2, 2012

The First One

So I decided that after being married for a year that we should probably have a blog that had both of us in title. So here it is. Last weekend we went camping with Michael's family and the Smith's and Schroepfer's. It was a lot of fun other than the fact that there were TONS of bugs everywhere and we couldn't have a fire. But the food was delish, especially the campfire cones. I seriously could eat one every day. They were so yummy! But the weather was great and we all had a blast. I didn't take one picture other than one of Millie on the drive up. We probably didn't make the best decision in taking her camping because on Monday she got spayed and got her dew claws out. But she was happy to go up and play and we just had to change her filthy bandages each night. Thanks for the fun trip! We look forward to next year!